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  • What is are escape games?
    Escape games, or escape rooms, are live action adventures where players work together on a team to achieve a goal. Some goals include escaping the "locked" room. Other goals include finding hidden objects or completing special tasks. Each game has a unique, immersive theme that creates new worlds and adventures for players to experience.
  • Who can play?
    Escape games are lots of fun for so many people. We typically recommend players be at least 13 years old due to the challenge of the puzzles. Escape games are perfect for friends, families, youth groups, sports teams, and any other group of people you can imagine.
  • Are we really locked in the room?
    No- in all of our games the door you enter will remain unlocked. If you need to leave the room for any reason (use the restroom, take a phone call, etc.) you can walk right out. Just keep in mind that your time will continue to run down.
  • How much do your games cost?
    Our games are $25 per person.
  • Can you accommadate large groups?
    At this time we have two games available with a combined maximum capacity of 16 players. If you have a large group and are interested in booking simultaneous or back to back games, please email us at for booking and special pricing.
  • Additional questions?
    Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or by email at

Frequently asked questions

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