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It has been nearly a hundred years since Al Capone walked through the doors of this speakeasy.  This establishment was once the well hidden hangout of the 1920's, providing Capone and his patrons with plenty of drinks, dancing, and music. It wasn't until years later that someone noticed quite a bit of his fortune had never turned up.  Perhaps it remains hidden in the very establishment that Capone called his own.  Can you find the fortune?



Long ago, Cornelius Abernathy found a huge treasure after settling down at Pinewood Point. He kept it a secret for many years but died before he could tell anyone where it was hidden. After being lost for so long, rumors returned that the treasure really exist. His great-grandson started the search, but he vanished soon after. Can you retrace his steps and ultimately find the long lost treasure?

*This game is played in a dimly lit room with lanterns. 

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Down for repairs.
Will be back shortly!

While wondering through the woods, you stumble upon an old crypt that clearly hasn't been opened for ages. But something is not right. A curse has been placed on the crypt and all who enter.  Can you unlock the secrets of the crypt and banish the curse for good before you meet your doom?

*This game is played in the dark with flashlights.  There are no jump scares.

Returning Soon

Meridian Escape Games are locally designed, original escape rooms that provide a one of a kind experience for every player.

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